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'''John Woodward''' may refer to: *John Woodward (MP) for Northampton (UK Parliament constituency) *John Woodward (naturalist) (1665–1728), English naturalist *John Douglas Woodward (1846–1924), American landscape artist and illustrator *Johnny Woodward (1924–2002), English footballer *Sandy Woodward (John Forster Woodward, 1932–2013), British admiral *John Woodward (lawyer) (born 1934), Australian lawyer and Environmental Commissioner *John Woodward (footballer, born 1947), English footballer *John Woodward (footballer, born 1949), Scottish footballer *Johnny Woodward (1924–2002), English footballer *John B. Woodward (1835–1896), U.S. Civil War colonel and Brooklyn, N.Y. political figure *John Woodward (director), American film director
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